Sunday, 6 June 2010

this is no ordinary cheese & tomato sandwich!

The plan had been quite simple, go to the market and pick up some "artichauts poivrade" to try out the carpaccio recipe in the new edition of "Cusines et Vins de France". Artichokes were not something we saw on a regular basis in Ireland and having mastered some globe artichokes recipes last Summer, I thought I move on to the smaller peppery version.

Alas, this good plan went the way of most good plans; there were no "artichauts poivrade" at the market, so I had to find inspiration for Saturday lunch elsewhere. I set my sights on some big tomatoes called "noir de crimée", kind of a funnier looking & darker version of a beef tomato, and took two of those.

When flicking through "Cusines et Vins de France" I had come across a recipe for a sandwich using large old style tomatoes, with pesto and mozzerella cheese, but had neither of the other two main ingredients.

I did however have some homemade black olive tapenade, basil and goats cheese. Here is my version of that favorite staple; a cheese and tomato sandwich. It serves 2.

You will need:

2 slices of sour dough or granary bread
150g goats cheese (log)
3 to 4 tablespoons of olive tapenade
1/2 red onion cut in halfmoons/rings
a few basil leaves
2 large tomatoes (if you can't find an old style variety beefsteak will do)

to assemble:

1.Boil enough water in a saucepan large enough to hold the two tomatoes, once the water is boiling put in the two tomatoes for 20 seconds, before removing and plunging into ice cold water for one minute. Then take out of water then dry and peel them. The taking a sharp knife cut the tomatoes either in half or in three (depending on the thickness), I managed 3.
2. Toast the bread.
3. Cut the goats cheese log into 12 slices
4. Spread a thin layer of tapenade on each slice of toast
5. Take each bottom slice of tomato and spread some tapenade on it, then place each slide tapende side up on a slice of toast
6. Top the tomato slice with 2/3 slices of goats cheese, some basil leaves and some onion
7. Spread some tapenade on each second slice of tomato and place on top of the goats cheese, basil and onion layer
8. Repeat above step if you cut tomatoes in 3.
9. Once stack is completed drizzle with some olive oil and add some black pepper & salt.
Serve with a green leaf salad

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