Saturday, 15 May 2010

catch of the day: willem ledueil of ze kitchen gallery recipe test: grilled monk fish with a grapefruit sauce vierge

Having picked up some monkfish at the Breteuil market this morning, I was flicking through my cookbooks and magazines to find an original recipe for a romantic meal for two. 4 cookbooks and several magazines later mission accomplished!

Ze Kitchen Gallery & Kitchen Gallery Bis are two modern fusion style restaurants in Paris that never fail to tantilate with fresh amazing flavor combinations. This month's "Elle a table"features an article on Willem Le Deuil and some of his recipes including one for monkfish with a sauce vierge with grapefruit. Would I be able to create with the same effect some of his dishes at home?

Reading through the ingredients though, I was missing the cockles, I debated whether it was worthwhile popping out again to get some but in the end decided that if my romantic dinner was to have any chance of creating the same taste sensation as a meal at one of his two restaurants, I would need all the help I could get, including the cockles!

The recipe was easy to follow and very simple. The recipe was to serve four but I halved the quantities as there was only two of us. I would not however advise halfing the quanties for the sauce, as I ended up having to add more olive oil. Next time I make this recipe I will use the quantities given in the recipe for the sauce vierge.

Did I manage to do the creator of this recipe justice...the verdict of my fellow a "grand chef" could have cooked this I think he may have been slightly overstated the result but I will make this recipe again, and the cockles really made the difference.